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Our Mission & Values

Instructor, Dana Simon, is ALL IN on a mission to end childhood drowning. 

Drowning is Preventable

There is no substitute for unwavering adult supervision when a child has access to water. There is no such thing as "drown proofing" a child. Teaching a child to Self-Rescue is the last layer of protection that could save a child's life. The barriers needed to protect a child from drowning include:

  • 100% Adult Supervision. Designate a water guardian and take 15 minute shifts lifeguarding

  • Learn CPR

  • Locked doors/windows with alarms

  • 4 foot pool fences with self-closing and self-latching gates

  • Pool immersion alarms/surface disturbance alarms

  • Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Devices save lives CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

  • Removal of pet or "doggy doors" 

  • Skill the child with survival swim skills 

At ISR ALL IN, we are ALL IN:
  • INformation: Get the facts about drowning prevention and utilize the amazing resources at  CAST WATER SAFETY FOUNDATION. 70% of drownings happen when a child is fully clothed during non-swim times when a child was not expected to be near the water.

  • INfants start at 6 months - "The Sooner the Safer...Skills before Thrills"

  • INvest in the only skill that can save your child's life. 

  • INdividualized instruction: ISR Instructors are trained to individualize lessons for EVERY child with a goal of Self-Rescue

  • INstant: a child under 30 lbs can drown in 30 seconds and drowning is SILENT unlike how it is depicted in movies with splashing and screams for help. Most children who have drowned slipped away from an area where both parents were present within 3 minutes of the accident occurring.

  • INstall window and door alarms and a 4 sided fence around your pool. The cost of a high quality fence is worth your child's life. If you can't afford the proper fence, you can't afford the pool. A child's curiosity does not turn off when the flotation devices come off. Click here to learn more.

  • INstead of "puddle jumpers", think about giving your child the skills he/she would need if they reached the water alone. Click here to learn more about the dangers of puddle jumpers

  • INcredible results. Swimming takes weeks...not months and years! It's not's SCIENCE!

  • INquire about scholarships. ISR ALL IN is affiliated with CAST WATER SAFETY FOUNDATION.

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